Dreaming of an Autumn Wardrobe

So I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one am very pleased that the seasons seem to be changing – I am ready and raring to go with Autumn. Don’t get me wrong I love the summer sun, but autumn is the season I was made for. I love the chill in the air, snuggling up, the darker evenings and not sweltering on the tube. I’ve always preferred being cold and getting warm than being too hot – I can never cool down once I’m too warm.
So with the arrival of cooler weather my mind has of course turned to new clothes. After all it’s the perfect excuse to buy some new bits and pieces, such as these…
Autumn Wants
Clockwise from top left corner
Now there’s no way I can let myself buy all of the above – especially not four pairs of shoes (shoe fetish anyone?) but I’m certainly going to treat myself to a couple of bits to complete my wardrobe. Top of the list are the heeled brogues as they’ll go with skirts, dresses and jeans and cope with the changeable weather. As for the skinny jeans and flat boots, definitely a must with all the jumpers I have in my wardrobe. As well as a shoe fetish the above collage has shown me that I also have an obsession with animals on knitwear.
It’s times like this that make it clear that Fi and I are twins. After seeing her Autumn wishlist above I realised that I would happily own, and wear, each,and every item! Which means that if she gets any of these new wardrobe additions then I can borrow them for myself! My current Autumn picks are below – I say current as this is bound to change as soon as I click publish!
Autumn wants
Clockwise from top left corner
For me Autumn is all about comfort, which basically means a dress, tights and boots or a jumper, skirt/jeans and boots. That’s it. Nothing more is needed after that. This autumn I really don’t want to do a lot of shopping as I have other things that I need to be buying. But it would be good to get a couple more dresses and skirts to go with my already enormous collection of jumpers and cardigans.
So tell us, what are you most looking forward to adding to your wardrobe this autumn? Is there anything that’s a must have Autumn essential?
Lau & Fi xx

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