Desert Island Books – Five Favourite Books

It’s no secret that Lau and I are bookworms. As children we devoured The Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, Horrible Histories, most of Roald Dahl, the Animal Ark series and pretty much any books we could get our hands on. Multiple times. So I wouldn’t be surprised if every other post on this new blogging home is book related! Rather than sharing what we’re currently reading with you, we thought we’d pick out our five favourite books. Of all-time.

Eek, not an easy task. In fact I deliberated over this for about two hours before I had my final five. So here are the five books we’d want if we were stranded on a desert island and kindles with never-ending batteries weren’t available…

First up, we have my five favourite books:

Fi / Book Number One / The Bedspread

A lovely story about two old ladies and the different way they view the world and remember their childhoods. This is a favourite of mine not just because it’s a wonderful story but because of who would read it to me. Everytime I stayed with my Grandma from aged four to twelve I’d climb into bed with her at the crack of dawn and we’d read this (and many others) together.

Fi / Book Number Two / Matilda

A cliche I know, but this book about a book obsessed little girl is one of my all-time favourite books. I must have read it hundreds of times, it never gets old. Reading this made me feel like it was fine to be obsessed with books!

Fi / Book Number Three / The Five-and-a-Half Club

This was inherited from my Dad and the day it went mouldy and had to be thrown out was one of the worst days ever. It’s about a group of children and the adventures they have during the summer holidays. From painting their clubhouse to catching frogs in jars their five-and-a-half club sounds so fun.

Fi / Book Number Four / Persuasion

I was late to the party with Jane Austen and so by the time I read Pride and Prejudice I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. If you ask me the characters are annoying and the story expected. Persuasion on the other hand was wonderful. I loved the characters, and found them all so likable. Anne Elliott was my favourite Austen character, and I could totally understand why she acted how she did with Wentworth. Plus the story was interesting and believable.

Fi / Book Number Five / Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

It’s no secret that I love the world of Harry Potter but book five is my favourite of the series (I think). This book marks the point in the story that you begin to find out what Voldermort is really about, and how much danger our favourite trio is in. It’s also when you properly realise what’s going on outside Hogwarts and how big this fight is. I found the story so fascinating, as well as heartbreaking and gripping. Even though it’s the longest book I can whizz through it, even now, in less than a day. That’s how good it is.

five -favourite-books

Now, over to Laura for her five favourite books:

Laura / Book Number One / Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

To be honest I wanted to add the whole series onto my list but I stopped myself. I can’t really pinpoint why this is my favourite, maybe it’s because we learn a lot more about Harry’s parents in this one. Also meeting Sirius and Remus is just wonderful, and heartbreaking all at the same time. The whole Shrieking Shack moment is brilliant and when Harry finally gets parental figures that always brings me to tears. My copy of this book is falling apart, but it still sits in pride of place on my bookshelf.

Laura / Book Number Two / Wonder

This was published quite recently and follows Auggie, a boy with a facial deformity as he starts school. I found this book absolutely fascinating and brilliant. We get to understand Auggie, and his whole family throughout the book. This books highlights the importance of who we are inside, not the outside.It’s one that I think should be compulsory reading for everyone.

Laura / Book Number Three / Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, a story

My Dad gave me this book when I was about 12. It’s a story about following your dreams and being who you want to be and it really makes you look at all of life’s possibilities. This is another book that everyone should read. The fact that my Dad thought this was something I should and needed to read is so lovely. Plus the note he included in it is also just perfect.

Laura / Book Number Four / Little Women

I have loved this story for as long as I can remember. It follows the four March sisters during the American Civil War. The tale of family life, discovering oneself and finding love is just perfect.

Laura / Book Number Five / Of Mice and Men

I studied this Steinbeck novel for GCSE English and have loved it ever since. It was utterly gripping, so much so that I speed read it during my lessons so that I would get to the end as soon as possible. I just needed to know what happened to Lenny and George. I’ve only read it once since because I still find it so heartbreaking to read. I think knowing what’s to come make the whole thing even worse!

Hopefully this has given you a good insight into our minds. I always think that seeing someone’s bookshelf is an awesome way of understanding and getting to know that person.

What about you, what are your five favourite books of all-time?

– Fi xx

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