Getting Crafty: Embroidery

I like to think I’m quite a crafty, hands on person. I mean I can knit more than a scarf, I can sew on a button, thread and use a sewing machine (the threading part is immensely tricky FYI) and I’m quite a good baker. But there’s one craft that I’d like to get better at and embrace more, and that’s embroidery, cross-stitch to be specific.

For as long as I can remember my Mum has embroidered. From family trees to Christmas decorations, quotations and wedding samplers, you name it my Mum can create it. She even creates her own patterns for the pictures that she wants to create with her needle. No pattern for a palaeontology kit? No worries, she can draw it and then recreate on the canvas – yes seriously! It’s an amazing skill and one that really fascinates me.

I asked my Mum to create something for my new Goddaughter’s Christening the other month and after seeing the gorgeous finished product (above) I had an urge to get creating myself. I remember doing the odd bit of cross stitch when I was younger and I actually still have a sewing box that my Nanna gave me when I was about 8. But I actually haven’t picked up a needle and thread for ages. I think this is something that I want to change and writing this post is the first step in that – hopefully when I stumble across this post in a year or two’s time I will have just finished a cross-stitch creation!

Laura xxx