Happy Birthday Old Man!

James Marsden, Greta Garbo, Sol Campbell and Ronaldo were all born on this day, September 18th. They are lucky to be in such esteemed company as someone else who celebrates his birthday today: our Dad. Today is his 60th Birthday. How amazing is that? We are in total agreement when it comes to this man. He is the best Dad, in fact the best man, that we know.

He’s generous.

And kind.

One of the biggest supporters in everything we do.

A brilliant chef.

Totally and completely competitive – we’ve all got that in spades too.

He’s Stubborn.

And he passed his sarcasm on to all of us. What more could you want?

So today is for him, Happy Birthday Old Man. Here’s to so many more years, to London runs, games nights, football matches, long country walks, Mario Kart competitions, Dad’s and Daughters dinners, theatre trips and roast dinners.

Lau & Fi xx