Like a Girl

Greetings blog readers and how are you today? I stumbled across the following #LikeaGirl video a while back and I’ve been thinking about it ever since, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you on this today. After all if I’m thinking about this video a month clearly later it needs discussing properly.

I love this video so much. It’s such a good idea to stop and think about what the words we use mean. I am one of the people who has used ‘Like a Girl’ in a derogatory way in the past – about myself and others – without even giving it a second thought. It’s just a phrase that I’ve heard loads and I didn’t even stop and think what I was really saying. What I’ve really been doing by using that phrase is saying that it was bad to be like a girl. When did I think that was okay to say?

Surely as a woman I should have been one of the people standing up and saying  yes I do run like a girl because I am one and I’m not going to be even slightly ashamed about that. I can also read, walk, jump, swim, shout, sing and dance like a girl. And for that I’m lucky, grateful, happy, pleased. Because that is who I am. I am a strong woman. I get to give my all to everything I do and shouldn’t be putting myself down over how I do something.

How did this become something that was okay to do and why did I ever think it would be okay to use that line as a bad thing? I hope that in the future I pause for a second before saying anything like this again as that’s not the person I want to be and I certainly don’t want anyone to ever think that running/singing/boxing/dancing/walking like they do is wrong. It’s not. It’s who they are and it’s there right to be who they are in all their awesomeness.  so well done to Always for making me stop and think. And here’s to all the hundreds and thousands of girls out there who have had their confidence knocked. Never forget that you are awesome, unique, wonderful and strong. Never be embarrassed to do things #likeagirl as being a girl embodies all of those things.

What about you, what are you proud of doing #likeagirl?