Making my own nak’d bites

Greetings blog friends, how are you this wondrous day? I’m (hopefully) currently sunning myself in Portugal so I thought I’d leave you with a brilliant recipe. After all who doesn’t love chocolate gooey morsels of joy? No one worth knowing, that’s who.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to leave bad habits behind and be healthier. You know, eat less crap and exercise more, all the obvious things – oh how I wish it was as easy as it sounds! My main problem, apart from laziness and lack of willpower, is that I have the sweetest of sweet tooths around. I usually start the day with a syrup-filled coffee and overnight oats and by 11 I’m craving the sweet stuff again. Plus after every meal I feel the need for something sweet, chocolate namely, as otherwise it doesn’t feel like I’ve eaten enough. Ridiculous I know.

During my most recent attempts to be healthy I’ve been a bit addicted to nak’d bars. These bars of gooey goodness are made with all natural ingredients with nothing bad in them. And they perfectly satisfy my sweet tooth. The only problem is they range from 85p – £1.40 for one small bar depending on where you grab them. I’m not made of money so I can’t be buying them all the time can I?!

I figured I could make my own but I thought it wold be quite tricky. After all how do you make them all smooshy and perfect and don’t they require odd and obscure ingredients? Whilst reading one of my favourite blogs I discovered a recipe which proved that these bars are seriously easy to make – thanks Hungry Healthy Happy. Hooray for that!

The recipe could not be simpler. Just bung 100g ground almonds, 20 chopped dates and 50g each of cacoa powder and cocoa powder into a bowl and blend them with a food processor. Then add 1 tbsp honey and 6 tbsp water and mix together to form a big ball of chocolatey stuff. I pressed the mixture into a lined brownie tin and popped them in the fridge. After 3 hours in the fridge I cut them into small bars and then returned them to the fridge overnight. In the morning they were fully set and ready to be enjoyed. I made about 30 small bars, each worth about 40 calories each. I’d say two of those is the perfect snack size – having done a lot of research over the last couple of weeks (this first batch went in three days…oops!

As the mint chocolate nak’d bars are my favourites I think I’ll add a bit of peppermint flavouring the next time I make them. Hopefully that will be enough to satisfy my mint chocolate craving!

Have you ever attempted to make a healthy snack to satisfy those sugar cravings? Any suggestions for the next recipe I should make?

– Fi xxx

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