Portugal by Numbers



We’re now five days into our nine day trip and so far our holiday in the Algarve looks a little bit like this…

1 pancake brunch

3 long walks along the beach

1 lazy lunch at our favourite haunt

1 impressive shopping trip; 4 statement necklaces, 3 striped tops and 1 blanket/scarf

1 candlelit hot tub experience

too many to count day time hot tub soaks

4 mosquito bites (on one knee)

1 pudding platter, shared

9 mini magnums consumed

4 sunsets enjoyed

2 unexpected wave soakings whilst enjoying a pleasant paddle

1 head cold to contend with

3 books read

0 runs started or completed

Here’s hoping the rest of the trip continues in the same way.

Laura & Fi xx

Travel Tuesday