Portugal by Numbers



We’re now five days into our nine day trip and so far our holiday in the Algarve looks a little bit like this…

1 pancake brunch

3 long walks along the beach

1 lazy lunch at our favourite haunt

1 impressive shopping trip; 4 statement necklaces, 3 striped tops and 1 blanket/scarf

1 candlelit hot tub experience

too many to count day time hot tub soaks

4 mosquito bites (on one knee)

1 pudding platter, shared

9 mini magnums consumed

4 sunsets enjoyed

2 unexpected wave soakings whilst enjoying a pleasant paddle

1 head cold to contend with

3 books read

0 runs started or completed

Here’s hoping the rest of the trip continues in the same way.

Laura & Fi xx

Travel Tuesday



It is pretty awesome so far and yes more pancakes are definitely needed! Laura xx


Thank you! We actually forced ourselves running yesterday. We managed a very short 15 mins as it was just too warm and there were too many hills! Laura xx


Thanks Jessi. It is pretty excellent. We are definitely making the most of being here. Laura xx


I am in total agreement. I could have stayed in the hot tub forever. If only that was a realistic job option!
Laura xx


It was most definitely perfect. I’ve also realised that I can handle a cold when I’m in such sunny climates and don’t have to actually do anything strenuous at all!
Laura xx

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