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It’s the 21st September today which means it’s time for the monthly Runners Tell All link up. This is perfectly timed as we are currently in Portugal and hopefully totally chilled out and relaxed in the sunshine. Who knows we might even be running as you read this! The fact that we can schedule this post in ahead of times means that you get to still here from us. Yay for that!

Today’s topic is Running Bucket List. What a great topic. I love it. I have so many races that I want to run one day so to be able to create a list and to one day be able to tick them off? Awesome!

Laura’s Running Bucket List:

Royal Parks Half – this is a half marathon through the Royal Parks of London. London is my city, so of course I want to do a half marathon here. Plus there are so many parks in London that I still haven’t run in. Whilst training for my first half last year I ran through Battersea Park, Hyde Park and of course Clapham Common, but there’s so many more. The Royal Parks Half happens in October and takes runners through Green Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and St James’s Park. Along with all the London sites too.
Run Disney – I love Disney and I love running so to run in the Disney Parks would be amazing. Unfortunately this isn’t available at Disneyland Paris, so I’d have to head to America for this one, but one day I will get there. The Tinkerbell Half Marathon is calling to me!
Full Marathon – I’d love to do a full marathon, one day. In the far off future. I really don’t know which Marathon I’d like to do, maybe London or New York, maybe Boston or Amsterdam, I don’t know. But it will happen. One day.

Fi’s Running Bucket List

I differ from Laura in that I’m not so sure I’d want to run a marathon, I don’t think I could handle it. So for now I’m going to stick to the half marathon distance. So on my bucket list for a half marathon I’ve got the following:

The Amsterdam Half Marathon – I fell in love with this city back in May so I think to experience it as a runner would be brilliant. Just imagine how fast the race would go if you were cooing over the beauty of the city.
The Royal Parks Half – Just like Lau I’d be up for this race too, to run through the park in the lovely autumn weather would be great. There’d be that brilliant sound of the leaves crunching under your feet as you explored another fabulous city, which would be a great experience!

So what’s on your running bucket list?



Sounds like y’all should plan a trip for the Royal Parks Half! I’ve never done a race outside of the U.S. and I think that would be such an awesome experience.


I think you’re right the Royal Parks Half should definitely happen soon – I’ve applied twice and not got a place, but maybe next year is the year. I agree with you there, a race outside your own country would be a great tourist experience. Laura xx

Beka Johnson

Ok! First off, I still just love that you are sisters who blog together! I always thought it would be great to have a blog with my sister.

Your races are fun and you both have some really great options on there. I hope you get to run some of them because they sound really neat. Thanks for joining in on Runners Tell All this month.


Yes Beka, it is pretty good to have someone to blog with – there’s always someone there to bounce ideas off.
I hope we get to do them too. Fingers crossed! And thank you for creating this link up in the first place. It’s so good to talk to so many other runners – I love the world of blogging for letting us do this!
Laura xx


I would love to run in London! What fun. And yes, Laura, you should do a full if you are thinking about it! It was an amazing experience. So glad you linked up! Enjoy your vacation 🙂


Well if you’re ever over here and need a running route or even a running buddy then let me know. Thanks for the marathon advice, I know I will do it one day. 🙂
Laura xx

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