Road Trip Essentials

This coming weekend we’re off to the Peak District for 21st birthday celebrations (alas not mine) and I cannot wait! It’s going to be an awesome weekend. One of the great things about having weekends away like this is that they start and end with a road trip – one of my favourite things. There’s something about being under your own steam and able to stop off wherever you want en route that I love. I think it stems from that freedom you feel when you finally learn how to drive – it’s as if the world is your oyster and you’re not reliant on the parentals anymore! However, a road trip can go wrong quickly if you’re not properly prepared. So here’s my list of toad trip essentials…

Good friends or family as driving companions – invaluable as you don’t want to be stuck with someone you don’t like for four hours. Plus they have to enjoy a sing-a-long – Disney themed are the best kinds!

Good coffee – this goes without saying. Not only for keeping you alert and awake but because a takeaway coffee in the cup holder just means holiday. Being a Londoner means that I only ever have coffee in the car when I’m road tripping and headed somewhere I want to be – not to work, not for errands and not for anything boring!

Good music – for the aforementioned sing-a-long. No matter the length of the journey good music is an essential element. Whether it’s a Spotify playlist (my current fave album is Ed Sheeran – love!), Disney Sing Alongs or Legends this needs a lot of thought ahead of your trip to take into account who is on the trip, where you’re going and how long the journey will last! Just don’t forget the adapter to link your car to your phone – nightmare!

Good snacks – peanut m&m’s basically. They don’t melt, they taste delicious and they are super easy to eat one-handed!

Good navigation device – Not relying on the car sat nav is imperative, especially if yours is temperamental and has a tendency to turn itself when you’re out of signal, oh like in the middle of the bloody Peak District. Not. Helpful. So an old school map or your trusty iPhone is ideal

Image source via Unsplash – Sylwa Bartyzel

So what about you, what’s on your road trip essentials list? Do share below.

– Fi x

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  • The last time I made a roadtrip was when I was still little with my parents, and i loved it!
    well, don’t forget the camera, whereever you go, there is surely the need for one!^^

    • thisandthatblog

      Yep good point – camera is needed. Thank goodness for the trusty iPhone! I hope you get to go on another road trip soon! Fi x

  • Great list! Though I have to agree, for me anyway a camera is a definite must-have. Perhaps a Kindle or an iPad too for movies and reading πŸ™‚ Anyhow, glad to have found your blog via the Travel Tuesdays link-up!

    • thisandthatblog

      I so wish I could read or watch movies in the car, but alas that doesn’t work for me. Stupid travel sickness! and yes a camera – how could I forget that?! Thanks for stopping by. Fi x

  • I agree on the camera, but for me the most important is definitely good music! I have a 13 hour road trip coming up next week and because I’m by myself I find that having playlists is key. I also love downloading an audio book or two, have you tried it? They can be oddly captivating.

    • thisandthatblog

      I love a good playlist, although sometimes I make one that’s far far too long…! 13 hours in a car, eek. I hope the music and audio books help! I’ve not listened to an audio book for years, but you’re right that would be a great addition. But sometimes I can’t concentrate on them, so I’d have to choose the story wisely! Thanks for stopping by. Fi x

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Good music is absolutely essential for a road trip. The louder the better too πŸ™‚

    • thisandthatblog

      Definitely imperative. The trip would be super boring without it!

  • Those that you mentioned are good, my main focus would be snacks, ever since our first road trips as little kids.. And I know that would be important for my daughter!

    • thisandthatblog

      Yes snacks are a must – peanut m&m’s are always top of my list! What about your food list, what’s top? xx

  • Great tips! Can’t forget the coffee and the snacks for sure! πŸ™‚ Plus, great views always help!

    • thisandthatblog

      Yes great views are always good on a road trip aren’t they! Thankfully we had some good ones on this weekends trip! Thanks for stopping by. Fi x

  • Great tips – I agree music is key!

    • thisandthatblog

      Most definitely – today it was a LOT of Taylor Swift! Thanks for stopping by. Fi xx

  • Great tips – music, people you like, good snacks and a good way to know where I’m going are my top as well for road trips! I always think I’ll get healthy snacks and then halfway there I cave and buy chips and stuff…can’t resist it πŸ˜‰