Who lives in a house like this?

I have no idea who lives here, but I know I wish it was me! Every time I go for a wander or run around the streets near where I live I get serious house envy if I pause too long to take in the properties I’m passing. They all seem to be absolutely stunning, lovely big house, with big windows, columns and coloured doors. Alas I don’t live in a house like this, far from it. My flat in no way resembles this place, not even if I squint and look at it with my head at 90 degrees. The only thing they both have in common is windows and a door. So a house like this is a way of unless it’s my turn on the lottery this week – hey a girl can dream about lottery wins and buying gorgeous houses…and I do!

house 1


house 2


house 3source

house 4


Right, back I go to dreaming of stunning houses to own, sometimes those daydreams are the best, well apart from the ones where Richard Armitage sweeps me off my feet!

– Fi xx