A Touch of Purple

Exciting things are happening people! Just last weekend we were celebrating Becca’s 21st birthday in the Peak District and tonight we’ll be celebrating our parents’ 60th birthday with a rather awesome party with loads of family and friends. So far I’m LOVING October and all its celebrations!

This weekend’s party is at a National Trust property, near to my parents, so it’s set to be quite fancy, which has me excited as it’s an excuse to get all dressed up! It’ll be a nice chance to my usual uniform of jeans and a t-shirt or a jersey dress and black tights (plus statement necklace of course!). Oh and there’s a theme: a touch of purple. So something needs to be a shade of purple – the shoes, the dress, the nails, the bag, etc… Such decisions! I love an occasion so it’s been great fun the last few weeks as we’ve searched for the perfect outfit and planned the necessary accessories.

Today I’m sharing some of the things we found, which may or not be what we end up going for…

Untitled #24

Outfit 1 – dress / shoes // Outfit 2 – dress / shoes // Outfit 3 – dress / shoes

Untitled #25

Outfit 4 – dress / shoes (with purple nails) // Outfit 5 – top / skirt / shoes // Outfit 6 – dress / shoes

Check back in next week and I’ll share with you what we ended up wearing! But before then tell me, any favourite items which you think I must wear? I’d be interested to know. And if you we’re coming along too what would you choose, a skirt/top combo or dress and where would you get your touch of purple from?

– Fi x