Birthday Love

One of the most memorable events of my life happened on this day 21 years ago. I can vividly remember being woken at 6am on that day and  getting bundled into the car still in my pj’s and taken to my best friend’s house as Mum and Dad hurried to the hospital. Two and half hours later there was a phone call, just before we left for school, and we were given the news. Our little sister was here, three whole days early – how exciting! As an eight year old this was possibly the most exciting thing to ever happen to us and we couldn’t wait to meet this new person and start ‘playing’ with her and dressing her up!

Twenty one years later and that little baby is now 21 years old – eek! We are so lucky to have Becca as a younger sister; to spoil, wind up, natter with and be best friends with. I know everyone says their family is the best, but ours really is and this sister is one of the best in existence and below are a few of the reason’s why…

So Becca, sister extraordinaire, have an amazing birthday. You really are the best sister ever and you deserve an awesome day. And don’t disown us because we’ve put these lovely snaps up off you – you know you love them really!