In the Kitchen: An Unbeatable Mac and Cheese

I’m just going to put it out there and say that this recipe for macaroni cheese is the best recipe you will ever find. I’m not even slightly kidding, this is PHENOMENALLY good and just perfect for the upcoming cooler evenings and lazy Sundays on the sofa (that’s not just me right?).

Growing up we weren’t a big macaroni cheese family – in face I don’t think I really ate it. I had images of it being all gloopy and rubbery so just wasn’t really that fussed. The one experience related to macaroni cheese that I remember was when I was travelling. For an entire week in San Francisco those little pots of microwaveable mac ‘n’ cheese were all I ate. That sort of put me off, unsurprisingly. However a few years ago my Dad discovered a recipe for macaroni cheese that included mushrooms and artichoke hearts. Ever since that day we’ve never looked back. When the need for a comforting dish arises, this is the one. It’s the perfect dish for hangovers, lazy Sundays, evenings with friends or big dinner parties. Never underestimate the power of adding unusual items to a pasta bake to make people think you’ve made something extraordinary!

  • Cook your macaroni so it’s a little al dente
  • Make a big old vat of cheese sauce (don’t forget lots of ground pepper needs to be added)
  • Fry your mushrooms and cook your broccoli
  • Drain the artichoke hearts
  • Add a third of the macaroni to an ovenproof dish and throw in some of the veggies
  • Add a quarter of the sauce and mix it all together in the dish
  • Repeat twice and then pour the remaining sauce over the top
  • Layer the top with a sprinkle of grated cheese and sliced tomatoes
  • Bake for 45 minutes on a medium heat
  • Devour it ALL in one sitting

So tell me, what are your best autumnal comfort foods? What must I try next? Also do you ever add extra things to your macaroni cheese – have I missed anything that tastes amazing? Please send me your combo suggestions!

– Fi x