Smiley Happy Things: My Top 10 of Now

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Good morning friends. Today I wanted to share a little list of the things that are making me smile at the moment. I guess you could, and we will, call it My Top 10 of NowCider with Rosie, Bright Bazaar and Daydreams of Summertime all do their own versions of this and I thought that I might jump on the bandwagon every now and then too. Fi already has her monthly Smiley Happy Things updates, and while I don’t want to join in on these, I do want to write this post. I don’t know if it will become a (semi) regular occurrence, or not. For now it’s just good to look at the little things that brighten up the days.

I’ve started using my cafetiere a lot more on the weekends (I don’t have enough time on a weekday morning to properly utilise it) and the smell is just heavenly. Post run relaxing with coffee while flicking through the latest copy of Delicious magazine? It’s my new favourite thing.

The youngest sibling is home from uni for the week which means that the three Evans sisters have been catching up properly. It’s 100 times better than weekly Skype dates.

Making Christmas Plans. The gift list is ever changing with new things being added and other being ticked off all the time. I’ve started the gift making and pre-Christmas catch ups and ice skating trips are making the way into the diary.

Staying on the Christmas theme, I think this year’s John Lewis Christmas Advert with Monty the penguin might be my favourite yet. Also the Coca Cola advert is back on our screens – hooray to that!

Over the weekend I headed up to Notting Hill and had a mooch around. It’s just so pretty – those pastel hue houses made me smile. I can’t believe this is my first ever visit to the area. I mean I’ve lived either in or within 30 miles of London for my whole life. It really is poor on my part!

London at Night. The best things about these darker nights means that I commute home in the dark. Yes it’s a bit miserable and I do miss the daylight, but seeing the sights of London lit up from my bus window is truly magical.

This week has been tough, but the light at the end of the tunnel has been catching up with lovely people. Coffee and cake with friends, birthday celebrations and lunches where you set the world to rights. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Starbucks peppermint mochas are amazing. No more words needed!

Also this week I had my first Pret Christmas sandwich of the year. They are so good. The crispy onions are my favourite part. These will definitely be a weekly occurrence over the next few weeks.

And finally I’m excited to be spending today in London with my fabulous Mum and equally amazing sisters. The Mumbles has just turned 60 so we’re treating her to a day in London town.


photo – Riley Briggs via Unsplash

Laura xxx



Yes, you must try them Jennie. This drink is quickly becoming my Friday treat. xxx

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