Wishlist: The Autumn Edit

Morning you lovely lot and happy Monday. I hope you’re all having a good start to the week?

Seeing as how we are now 14 days into November (what what?!) Fi and I decided that it was time for another wishlist post, the last one was way back in August! This one is all about the warm stuff, those fluffy, cuddly things that will get us through the cold snaps that are starting to occur – the fact that the cold is only just occurring when we are in November is amazing.

So here it is, my current wishlist…


Wishlist: The Autumn Edit


This ASOS dress has been in my saved items for so long, but I think now might be the time to bite the bullet and buy it. The colour reminds me of autumn leaves, so it should really be worn in Autumn. Right? I’m a huge fan of the ASOS skater dresses, and I love the textured detail on this one and that it’s a longer length than my normal dresses.

We all know I’m jumper obsessive, so of course at least one must appear on this wishlist. I tried this jumper from H&M on the other day, in the cognac brown colour (which is basically my favourite mustard) and it was so snuggly. I simply love everything about it, the colour, shape and texture. Also wouldn’t it look amazing paired with the autumnal dress and brown boots? I’m in outfit heaven right now! The only slight issue with the jumper is that I saw someone wearing it in the office the other day, which means I’d have to be careful when wearing it to work – I really don’t fancy taking part in an unexpected ‘who wore it better’ contest!

I’ve never owned a pair of knee-high boots, but this year I’m thinking I should take the plunge and go for it. I’m in love with these Lindley charm tan leather boots. Yes, they are pricey, but are definitely worth it.

Staying on the brown leather train I should mention the beautiful leather shopper bag. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been borrowing Fi’s bag which is very similar to this and actually from Zara too. You see it turns out that I don’t have any winter appropriate bags. I’m talking big enough to throw all my winter woolies (scarf, hat & gloves) and with a zip to protect from the rain. This would be perfect. But at almost £90 it’s a bit pricey, so there’s no way I can be buying the boots and the bag this month. Maybe one, or both, need to move to my Christmas list instead? Watch this space…


Wishlist: Autumn Warmers


Now onto the warm stuff! Let’s face it the temperature has plummeted recently, which means all I want to do is curl up warm and hibernate somewhere. So that’s what the second selection above is all about! The fact that I have an obsession with owls and pyjamas means that I had to include these Owl Print Pyjamas from M&S. They are just the perfect combination, plus in the red and white colour they even have a Christmas feel to them – or is that just me?!

Snuggly socks = heaven. Snuggly socks + reindeers? I’m in Christmas heaven. Nothing else needs to be said! Along with these socks I also need this wheat pug. I have a small collection of wheat animals to warm me up in the winter weather, so I don’t need another one. But this pug is too cute to ignore!

Finally, it turns out there’s such a thing as Alphabet scarves. I need this L one in my life. If only it wasn’t such a dreary blue…


And Fi’s…


Untitled #27


Now that I’ve found the perfect winter coat and boots – and in the sale no less, hooray! – I can turn my attention to the important things – like winter woolies! So top of my autumn wishlist is a pair of mittens, these mittens, that mean you can use your fingers and still keep the rest of your hand warm, are a must as the colour combo is lovely. And of course I need a snuggly scarf to go with new gloves, that’s where this sparkly grey scarf comes in. It looks mahoosive and just perfect for early chilly wanders to the tube!

In my humble opinion it’s impossible to have too many Christmas jumpers and one that’s not all up in your face with its Christmas design is often a sensible idea. That way you can get away with wearing it in Autumn – I’m definitely about the Christmas love all year-long! So what’s needed is this subtle Christmas jumper that people won’t have a go at me for wearing! ps. In LOVE the holly theme!

Finally these heeled brogues, a variation on the ones on the last wishlist, need to be purchased as I know I’ll get so much wear from them during the colder weather. They’re just that perfect combination of practicality (no wet feet, smart but not too smart) and gorgeousness. Must buy this soon instead of just talking about it!

Untitled #26

Looking at the above it appears I’ve had a little moment in the Oasis site and couldn’t leave without wanting all of the things. But in my defence this lip skirt and this winter rose skirt will be just perfect with my new boots and coat and black tights this autumn. They’ll be super easy to look awesome, which is totally my goal  in life! As for the baroque floral dress, yes another Oasis item(!), just look at it! It’s so pretty and the material looks perfect for autumn. I need it.

A snuggly grey cardigan is also needed for those days when it’s chilly in the office and you need another layer, but you don’t want to bung on that old gap jumper (like I’d ever do that…!). This chunky knit from Fat Face would fit the bill perfectly don’t you think? And if I was to pair it with this padded gilet and some skinny jeans I’d be set for an autumnal walk, so let’s add that one to the list too!

So, tell us, what’s on your Autumn wishlist and what treats have you already purchased!

– Fi xx