All Things Fitness: Remember How

{image from Pinterest}

I’ve been struggling for the last year or so with being healthy and seeing the above on Pinterest this week has really reminded me why I bothered to get healthier in the first place. I need to remember what the point is and that a chocolate coma every night on the sofa is not the way forward. I want to get back to that point were I feel better about myself and where my clothes fit properly, I feel happier and maybe I can even shed a few of these excess pounds.

I want to feel healthier in myself and I want more energy. I know I need to get past the times where one chocolate covered pretzel leads to twelve and a run isn’t a pathetic fifteen minute jog round the corner but a 6 miler that leaves me feeling energised and not dead on the floor. So from today (not January 1st, today) I’m going to bring back the healthy habits and the regular exercise, yes even over Christmas, and this is a way of reminding myself why this is important to me. So please do help me. If you have tips, hints or motivational images send them my way. I’m determined to change my ways and I’ll need all the help I can get!

Fi xxx