All Things Fitness: Runners Tell All

December 21st marks the final Runners Tell All link up of 2014. It’s been a great year of running chatter and while we haven’t joined in every month, we have managed quite a few. The final topic of the link up is running reflections from 2014 and your 2015 running goals.


Woop woop to completing the #surreyhalfmarathon

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I feel quite guilty when I look back on my running in 2014. I feel like I started off really well this year. The first three months were full of running because I was in training for a half marathon. This meant I was running an average of 6 miles four times a week. Brilliant right? I then completed the half in March well within my goal of 2 hours 30. I think the official time was 2h16m. Woop woop to me. Except then I gave my self a bit of a break from running and never really picked it back up again. Even though I ran the London BUPA 10k and a Halloween fright night run I didn’t really indulge in running that much. Looking back I think I probably ran once a week and that upsets me. I had big plans for this year, I wanted a 10k to be my ‘normal’ run, but it’s not at all that yet. I’m still stuck on 5k. And I think that’s probably the problem I’ve got right now. I’m focusing more on what I want to achieve rather than just running. Why can’t I just be happy with running? Why does it need to be about pace or distance or comparing myself to others? I know this is my competitiveness coming out but I think I need to try to stop it.

So next year I’m aiming to concentrate more on just going out on a run and not worrying about anything other than that. I do have another half marathon booked in for March, but I really am aiming to approach things differently once that’s complete. I might even book in another couple of runs as I’ve heard of the Baccaus half which is a September race near where my parents live. Apparently you run through a vineyard and there are wine stations so that could be a fun and different race. I don’t know, we’ll see. On one hand I’m talking about making my running simpler and on the other I’m debating a second half marathon. Hopefully I can reconcile these two ideas for a good year in 2015.

What does everyone else have planned in terms of running and fitness in 2015. Any big goals in mind?

Laura xxx