Smiley Happy Things: My Top 10 of Now

Happy December everybody. Time really is flying right now, I’m totally loving it! I feel like I’ve had a jam-packed time since my last Top 10 update. Actually, It’s been over a month so I guess that makes sense, but it definitely feels like it’s time to stop and take stock. To remind myself what I’ve been up to and what’s kept me smiling this month before Christmas happens! So here I am with another installment of My Top 10 of Now. 

– I have finally, finally got around to the watching two highly anticipated films; Mockingjay and The Imitation Game. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed both and would definitely recommend both to everyone. The Imitation Game was just so interesting. That whole side of things during the war completely fascinates me and the whole Bletchley Park story just hooks me in. However the story of Turing is just so heartbreaking, I know the film is only based on his life, but still, it’s horrible. Also, obviously only watch Mockingjay if you’ve seen the others in The Hunger Games series.

– I have finished all of my Christmas shopping! Yes, I know right?! I had a super productive first Saturday of December and blitzed it all in one day. Plus I then got home and wrapped all the presents too. I’m just waiting for two more presents to be delivered and then I can get everything wrapped up.

One down…. #Christmas #presentwrapping allthespots

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  – Lazy sofa times. While I have been ultra busy recently I have been making the most of the times that I am in my flat. Cozy slippers, good tv or films and scented candles. – Craft time. This year for Christmas my sisters and I have decided to make each other presents. There was a bit of a panic to start with while I thought of what I wanted to make, but overall this has been such a brilliant idea as I’ve had an excuse to get creative. It also means that any lazy sofa time is also productive crafting time.  – Christmas Markets. Oh how I love thee. Mulled wine, cute gifts, festive music and delicious food, I just can’t get enough of it. If I have to be out in the bitter cold, then at least I’m totally festive with it.


– Over the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing a veritable feast of homemade warming foods. Steak & ale pie, berry crumble, aubergine bake, apple pie with a cheese pastry crust and a glorious turkey rice stew thing just to name a few!

– The Evans family Christmas tree is now up and decorated. It’s just so pretty. Now it’s properly feeling like Christmas.


The tree is up. #ChristmasatHortus #EvansFamilyChristmas #ABeautifulMess

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  – While out shopping the other weekend I discovered my favourite American shop has made it to our shores. Yes, American Eagle Outfitters is now in the UK. I love this place, it’s like a cross between Gap and Jack Wills and it does the best jeans ever. I am totally impressed with the shop over here, the staff were all lovely and friendly and provided brilliant customer service. Two thumbs up from me. – Wedding celebrations. Last weekend I had an amazing day celebrating the marriage of one of my oldest friends. It was a glorious Christmas wedding in London and it was full of magical moments and fun times.


Travelling in style. #LondonWedding


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–  One final thought is that today is my last at work until the New Year. Yippee for that. I’m so looking forward to having some time to chill out and catch up with people, with jobs and with sleep!


Laura xxx



Your Christmas tree is awesome! Next year I will be getting a real one and hoping the cats don’t pull it down haha.

Laura @ This and That Blog

Thank you. We love it. One of the perks of heading back to the parents at Christmas. There’s no way a tree this big would fit in our tiny flat! Definitely go for a real one next year – the smell is divine, I’m sure the cats will leave it alone…eventually! xx

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