Clothes Rail: American Eagle Love

Guys, the most amazing thing happened at the end of last year. One of my two favourite America-only shops, appeared in our own fair isle. Eek I can not tell you how excited I was when I spotted American Eagle in the UK. It’s the sort of shop where I could buy all of the things I see. But alas my shopping there has been limited as I’ve only been able to take advantage of it when I’m in the US, which if I’m honest has not been enough recently. I don’t think I’ve been over to the States for four years (cripes how did that happen?!?!) so as you can imagine American Eagle shopping has been non-existent.


American Eagle Love - Clothes Rail - This and That Blog

Flower patterned Jumper / Grey bootcut trousers

So as you can imagine my excitement on that December morning at Westfield when I stepped through those hallowed doors. I say excitement but if I’m honest there was a fair amount of trepidation occurring too, what if the shop didn’t live up to my memories of its awesomness, what if the sizings were rubbish, what if everything was stupidly priced, just what if I’d been pinning all my hopes of an awesome wardrobe on this shop that could never deliver?

I should not have worried as it was every bit as amazing as I remembered and everything about that trip was just perfect. There were lovely snuggly jumpers that I struggled not to buy straight away, there were jeans that fitted perfectly (and that were on offer) and there were loads of gorgeous pjs and scarves that I just wanted to snuggle up in. In short, my perfect shop was still simply perfect. Hooray!

American Eagle Love - Clothes Rail - This and That Blog


Gold Bag / Leopard Print Shoes

On that first day I refrained from buying anything – I know, gold star to me – but I did add a lot of things to my Christmas list. And come Christmas Day I was the very proud owner of these lovely chelsea boots, this perfect snood and this snuggly jumper that goes with everything. I was definitely one happy person on Christmas day (not to mention lucky).

I’ve not been back since that first day as without Christmas to stop me buying stuff I know I’d spend all my money in just one shop. However, that’s not stopped me sneaking a look online on a regular basis. So far I want to buy the lovely things sprinkled throughout this post. Not a bad selection, right?

American Eagle Love - Clothes Rail - This and That Blog


Gemstone Necklace / Lace Skirt

What about you, is there a shop you’ve been waiting to appear in the UK and when it did what was your reaction? Was it happy or had you built up the shops awesomeness?