Getting Crafty: A Harry Potter Inspired Gift

Greetings chumlets! Today I’m sharing the easiest present ever to make, honestly this gift took me less than an hour to complete and I was able to use up fabric and thread I had already. The only thing I had to buy was a £2.00 embroidery hoop, so minimal effort and money required. That’s not to say the person receiving the gift isn’t worthy of lots of time and effort. It’s just I knew she’d like the end product – it’s a Harry Potter inspired gift after all! Plus pre-Christmas, when you have 101 things to do, time is hard to find! So yes if you’re after a cheap but thoughtful gift for someone, read on.

Harry Potter Inspired Gift - Getting Crafty - This and That Blog

So above is the end product: a quote embroidery for the wall. What do you think? I chose the word Always because it’s from Lau’s (the lucky recipient) favourite book series, Harry Potter.

This is a series that we’re both so obsessed with that we regularly discuss the books, even though we finished them all years ago, and will squeal when the other uses this word in normal conversation. This is the one word that sums up the Harry Potter series for us, so it had to be in my Harry Potter inspired gift. It’ll always be in our lives, and this one word in that book is one of the best parts and the proof we’d always had that a certain character we’d always championed was worth championing. So yes it’s a word that I knew she’d get straight off and appreciate (even if the rest of our family thought I was insane and needed an explanation!).

I won’t spend hours outlining how you make this item, after all it’s so simple you just need four items (needle, thread, fabric and an embroidery hoop) and the ability to do running stitch. That’s it. If you’ve got those two things you’re good to go. Oh and maybe some felt to back it when you’re done – it depends on how much of a perfectionist you are!

Weirdly I was worried it would be hard to make, so I kept putting it off, but in the end it took me less than an hour to finish it. Doing this small bit of embroidery has definitely given me the bug to try some more in the not too distant future, but what should I go for next, any thoughts? Decisions decisions…

– Fi x