Getting Crafty: Making a Bobble Hat

This Christmas my sisters and I decided we would make one another presents to try to spend a little less money, and to also challenge our crafting skills. In all honesty I was a little concerned about how everything would turn out, but the presents were all so lovely – nice and surprising! It’s definitely made me think about making more presents in the future, after all it’s good fun and is really appreciated. So here’s the first of a few ‘getting crafty’ posts so you can see what we made for one another… First up: making a bobble hat.

Becca wanted a bobble hat for Christmas, so I thought I’d make her one just with knitting needles and wool. And then I realised time was not on my side, so how would I do that? Thankfully, after scouring the internet for a while, I saw that the geniuses at A Beautiful Mess had shared a post about a bobble hat for lazy people (totally me) and I was sorted – phew! Below is my method in picture form, but of course head to A Beautiful Mess for the original version.

Making a Bobble Hat - Getting Crafty - This and That Blog

All my crafty ingredients including a hat you love the fit of and a grey wool skirt (this one’s from Primark)

Use the original hat as a stencil and pin the skirt. Then sew it up and turn it the right way round.

Everything you’ll need for making pom poms. Making a pom pom takes FOREVER! {why did no one tell me!}

Cutting the pom pom was super-duper stressful

Making a Bobble Hat - Getting Crafty - This and That Blog

So there we go, so easy yes? I think Becca loved the finished product. Well at the very least she wore it all day without removing it, so I think that’s a good sign yes! Have you ever made someone a present in the past? Any ideas on what I could make next time round?

– Fi x

  • So cute! I love pom poms! <3 xo

    • Thanks! Aren’t pom poms the best?! I just need to make a smaller one next time as this one took far too long for patience to bear! x

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love this!
    I started knitting about a week ago and I am making a scarf. I can’t wait until I can “upgrade” and make a hat. Everyone is getting hats for next Christmas haha

    • How easy is knitting when you get into it? I need to get my needles out again soon. It’s been far too long. Also knitting is the best for stopping post dinner nibbling on the chocolate I’m glad you like it! x

  • I LOVE it! And I really like the colour combo! x

    • Thanks! I’m super proud of it (and I’m so pleased she loved it too). Colour wise it had to involve purple and teal, the best colours in the world! x

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