Wishlists: Running Gear

Here’s the thing, I’m in desperate need of new trainers ready for my half marathon in March and with that in mind I was given a voucher for Sweatshop for Christmas. So it’s now post Christmas and with my brand new voucher to hand I hopped on over to the Sweatshop website in order to peruse their trainers… and then I got sidetracked. By all the clothes in the sale. I’m now trying to justify the need for new running clothes as well as trainers. I mean I need to train for the half marathon right, so surely I need new training gear? Okay so I really don’t. but I could, maybe….? So here’s a running wishlist. Oops!

Running Wishlist - Wishlists - This and That Blog


Red long sleeve top / Nike grey shorts / Black running tights / Winter beanie hat

Watch this space. Someone find me some will power please.

Any other sales bargains that I need to know about?