Smiley Happy Things: The January Edition

So I’m going to buck a trend here and say I love January. Yes it’s dark and cold outside but at the same time there’s so much promise for what a new year might bring with it. There’s the planning, preparing and dreaming of what the next 12 months holds and that in itself is pretty awesome. Plus when it’s cold outside it’s perfectly acceptable to be sat on the sofa for five hours binge watching box sets. Right? So, as one of my favourite months draws to a close it only seems right to share the things keeping me happy for the last 30 days. So may I present the January edition of Smiley Happy Things.

First up is party planning. Lau touched on this a couple of weeks ago but we’re most definitely in the throes of planning an 81st birthday party, collectively (21 + 30 +30) obvs I’m not that old! , and I’m getting super excited. Fingers crossed everyone can make it or else they’ll be a lot of food consumed by me…


The January Edition - Smiley Happy Things - This and That Blog

John Donne’s house spotted on last weekend’s running route

Running. We’re deep into our half marathon training right now and I have to say I’m really enjoying the long weekend runs. This week’s run is two lots of 50 minute runs sandwiched with a total of 35 minutes walking and I can’t wait. Call me odd, and I totally understand if you do, but there’s something so rewarding about running for such a long time. Not to mention the beautiful places you can explore. Last week I explored near my parents’ and we ended up running through Wisley Gardens and along a canal which was beautiful. Despite the cold!


The January Edition - Smiley Happy Things - This and That Blog

A different angle to usual for Wisley’s famous greenhouse

Collecting ideas. This month I’ve found myself screenshot-ting a lot of images on my phone that I’m keen to try myself. Everything from chevron mug DIYs and new recipes to inspiring quotes and room ideas. There’s definitely something about the new year that breeds inspiration and a renewed need for creativity.


The January Edition - Smiley Happy Things - This and That Blog

The perfect view for Once

Theatre trips. I’ve been making the most of the deals this month and so far have been to Wicked and Once for only £20 each. Not bad at all if you ask me. Yes I’ve seen both before but singing along to favourite songs is a sure-fire way to get me smiling (possibly not by neighbour on the bus though!).


The January Edition - Smiley Happy Things - This and That Blog

Possibly the best book ever for a one year old – learn to count with Jane Eyre

Trips to see friends. From 30th birthdays to 1st birthdays and goodbye parties to coffee dates, there’s been a lot of lovely friend activities this month, which is always awesome. I just wish some of my favourite people were closer so some could be more regular.

Mini Eggs. I know a lot of you will disagree with this statement as it’s only January but these are my favourite chocolates so to have them on shelf from the 1st Jan is amazing!


New Stationery. This month I’ve been making the most of two new desk calendars, a giant post it note style desk jotter and a new notebook. And I’m loving it. January is definitely the month for new stationery.

So tell me, what has made your January?

– Fi x