All Things Fitness: Exploring Where I Live

When it comes to running I can get a little bit bored if I’m not running an interesting route. I need distractions. I need something to stop me from looking at the miles as they clock up. Without something interesting to look at I’m likely to run only a mile or two. So mixing up the running route is essential to me, especially when I’m half marathon training and need to up the miles each week.

Recently I was back at home and we decided to mix up the running route on a crisp Sunday morning exactly for the reasons mentioned above. And what a brilliant run it was. Two hours later I’d run across the common, alongside a field of bright veggies, past the Wisley greenhouse, through Wisley itself, through muddy woods, alongside an icy river, along the canal and passed (and nosed at) many a gorgeous house. And the best part, I definitely did not feel like I’d been out and about for two hours – maybe an hour max.

So it’s definitely worth remembering this and breaking out of your comfort zone on a run. You never know what you might discover as you explore your surroundings. After all I had no idea John Donne had lived near where I grew up, let alone that his house (top photo) was still there. Just think what you might discover as you distract yourself and clock up the miles. Do it!

– Fi x

  • Changing up the route is always a good option and the change of scenery is sometimes necessary!
    (Stopping over via travel Tuesday)

    • Agreed – it’s so much better to run somewhere different to usual and interesting. Thanks for stopping by. x

  • That is definitely interesting because to me running through somewhere beautiful (though there are obvious advantages) I think that it’s beauty lost of a bad moment…but that might be because I always feel like I’m dying when I’m running haha

    • Ha fair point! I try and use the pretty things to distract me from the near death feeling so don’t even associate the two. Or maybe I just run too slowly for it to be a bad association! x

  • I agree! If I have something interesting to look at and some good music, then my runs go a lot quicker. Although I also find that when I know my route I enjoy that too as I know where I should be after how many minutes etc, which also makes the running go quicker 🙂

    • That’s a really good point about a route you know well. I’ve never thought of it like that, possibly because I rarely ever do the same route twice! x

  • Holy yes. Lately, I’ve been so bored of all my usual running spots that I haven’t been able to bring myself to run! (also playing ultimate with the coworkers is just so much more fun). But scenery to me is everything. I don’t get treadmill runners because that’s all the worst parts of running without any of the good things!

    • I definitely agree with you about running on a treadmill. I can barely do one mile on those things – they drive me insane with boredom. There is literally nothing to do but think about how knackered you are! x