All Things Fitness: Half Marathon Countdown

In just over one week I will be taking on my second half marathon with my two sisters. We’ve been training since the start of the year, our longest training run is done and now there’s just 5 more runs to go until the BIG day.

So how am I feeling about it?

Prepared – I’ve done my training and I know what to expect. That’s the great thing about having done this length of race before. It’s not unknown, I know exactly what I’m letting myself in for. I can do the distance. I can certainly run for 2 plus hours. I know that if I want to walk, I can. I know when I’ll hit a wall and how to push myself through it. I understand that the preparation is 50% running training and 50% mental training.

Calm – This time last year, before my first half marathon, I was panicking. Now because I know what to expect and because I’m prepared I’m a whole lot of calm. Which is excellent as honestly there’s so much other stuff to be worrying about right now, that I can’t waste it on this run!

Excited – Yep, you read that correctly. I’m excited to run. To spend time with my sister’s, to chat and laugh and enjoy ourselves. Becca hasn’t done a race like this before and I’ve been trying to tell her how fun it will be. The atmosphere, with the crowd is amazing and it really helps to spur you on. I’m also excited to get my hand on the medal. I really love the design of it this year. Is it possibly better than last year’s? I’m not sure.

I think this is my favourite medal so far. #halfmarathon #running #surreyhalfmarathon .

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Laura xx

p.s. if anyone fancies sponsoring me/us then we are raising money over here for the British Heart Foundation.