All Things Fitness: Thoughts on the Jawbone Up

Since mid-October  I’ve been a Jawbone Up 24 advocate. Before I get into the many reasons why I love this piece of equipment let me first rewind to why I made the move to the Jawbone Up 24…

For a large part of 2014 I was being super indecisive and deliberating about getting a fitness tracker like the Fitbit or Jawbone Up. I’ve been a huge fan of fitness apps since Jan 2012 when I went on my health kick and thanks largely to the My Fitness Pal app I managed to kick bad habits and shed almost three stone in two years. But after over two years of just using My Fitness Pal I was losing my motivation and wanted to track even more of my habits, hence the desire for a new fitness tracker. The thought of focusing on my sleep, my exercise and my food really hit home and I knew it would be the extra motivation that I needed to refocus and step back on the healthier habits band wagon.


And boy was I right. The Up 24 is amazing and it’s made me all super geeky and focused on odd things. Thinks like the number of steps I do each day, the number of calories I eat, when I go to sleep, how deep a sleep I get each night and how long I sit stationary for each day. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s just so fascinating to have all this information at your finger tips and my sister, Dad and I spend a fair amount of time discussing our progress and trying to beat one another – yeah for the Evans family competitive streak!

I could spend hours going on and on about how awesome the Jawbone Up 24 is, but I don’t want you to be bored to death, so instead here are my favourite things about the app:

1) The app is super easy to use and the arm band sync directly with it, so whenever you check your progress on the app you know it’s as up to date as possible. As for seeing your progress it could not be easier. There are three bars, of different colours, each symbolising a different thing and they show how your day is going compared to your targets.

2) The arm band is not annoying to wear at all, in fact I’ve got to the point where I barely notice it on my wrist. Plus it can get wet so you don’t need to remove it for a shower, which is a bonus as who can remember much of anything early in the morning?

3) You can synchronise the app with other health related apps. So I can continue to log my food and drink consumption on My Fitness Pal and it’ll automatically appear on the Up24 app and on the green bar symobolising food.

The Jawbone Up - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog

4) The step tracker is so fascinating! I love seeing how far I walk each day and if I’ve not hit my target my the early evening I’ll make myself pop out for a short walk or move around a lot in the flat. Just so I can hit that target, as not hitting those steps is so annoying!

5) You can set an alarm each day that works by causing the band to vibrate once, so no ridiculously lord blaring alarm early in the morning. There’s also an option that allows for the band to wake you up to 30 minutes before the alarm is due to go off as long as you’re only lightly sleeping. Which I know sounds odd, why would you want that? But when you’re woken from a lighter sleep you’re so much more awake for the rest of the day, so it’s something I’d definitely recommend!

6) You can set alerts that trigger the band to vibrate if you’ve been sat down for longer than an hour without moving – you know what it’s like when you get caught up in work. Sometimes you barely notice the time and need to move around more – that’s definitely me during the work week. So now I get an alert if I’m sat still for an hour between 8 and 4.

The Jawbone Up - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog


The tracking screen – you can only imagine how great it feels to hit all the targets each day!

Do you have a fitness tracker, which one did you go for and why and has it met your expectations?

– Fi x