Life Rambles: Recently Pinned

I love putting together these posts as I find it interesting to see what I’ve been pinning lately.

I guess like most people I go through different pinterest phases, times when I seem to be pinning certain things more than others. Before Christmas it was all about Christmas with recipes, decorations and last minute festive DIYs (see previous posts here and here), but right now it’s all about home interiors, quotes and pretty things for me. There are pretty obvious reasons for this – or at least obvious reasons in my mind anyway. To start with I’m hoping to move house soon and therefore home interiors are bound to feature. Also it’s the beginning of the year, and the weather is miserable. Both of these things mean that I want to treat myself to new things. It’s that post Christmas slump, a time when shopping for both myself and others is always going to be a great way to perk myself up!

Recently Pinned - Life Rambles - This and That Blog


chalkboard globe / flipbelt / copper boxes

Harry Potter quote / sea green kitchen / square ring

DIY glasses / cushion cover / sitting room

wooden floors & white

What have you all been pinning lately? Send me your links to pinterest please, I need some new boards to follow.

Laura xxx

p.s. I’ve tried to link to the original location of the images, be it a blog or shop, rather than the versions on my Pinterest boards. Apologies if I’ve linked things incorrectly. Please contact me and I can rectify any errors.