Out and About: The Everyman Cinema

There’s nothing I like more than a night at the cinema. Comfy seats, good food and becoming completely engrossed in the latest offerings from the film world. Living in London there’s plenty of cinemas to choose from; Cineworld, Odeon, Empire and Vue but they are all so boring and similar.

When I travelled in New Zealand one of the things that struck me the most was the number of independent cinemas. They are everywhere out there. There’s those with comfy sofas and late night films, others that only show old classics and we even stumbled on one that sold warm homemade cookies during the interval and where seats include an old beetle car. They are charming and fun and cheap! So so much better than what you can find in the UK.

Don’t get me wrong there are obviously some other options aside from the bog standard cinema chains. Take the Picturehouse chain for example. It’s the first cinema I’ve found that offers something different from the usual out of the box option of all those others; there’s a bar, good events and there’s one just down the road from me. Plus you can take an actual glass of wine into the screen with you! Winning at life right there! So Picturehouse easily wins best cinema in my book. Or at least it did until last month. You see that’s when I was introduced to the Everyman Cinemas and now I’m spoilt for choice!

Everyman Cinema - Out and About - This and That Blog

There are 12 different Everymans around the country, one of which is located not too far from my parents’ house. One Saturday night back in January I was visiting home for the weekend and we made the last minute decision to watch a film. With the 9 pm showing of Whiplash all booked up off we headed. The Everyman in Walton on Thames has an upstairs bar with quirky decorations; old film posters plastered on the wall, books stored in alcoves and a comfortable blue sofa hidden in a corner with it’s own typewriter. It was here that we killed time before the film started. Instead of bar food or wine we settled on coffee and cookies for a post dinner pudding and chatted away before heading back downstairs to Screen 1.

Everyman Cinema - Out and About - This and That Blog

The screen had around 10 rows of sofas and armchairs in a sumptuous red velvet. Each chair had it’s own table and even ice buckets for the wine – it’s these genius touches that give a whole new level to film watching. While waiting for the film to start we were treated to a whole host of foodie delights arriving in the room. Other viewers had ordered food to have while watching the film and the staff we delivering them straight to their seats – amazing! The pizzas looked absolutely delicious and while I’m not a fan of hot dogs, I have to admit they looked pretty darn good too. I definitely want to sample the hot food next time I go. Can you think of anything better than curling up on a sofa with some wine and pizza? Followed by a delicious ginger and chocolate cookie? Nope me neither.

Everyman Cinema - Out and About - This and That Blog

So that’s it, I am now pretty enamored with the Everyman cinema. It’s just the perfect combination of being at a cinema and being in your own living room.  I’m hoping I can persuade the powers that be that they need to open one near my new house. Would someone please put a good word in for me? Great. Thanks!

Laura xxx