Smiley Happy Things: My Top 10 of Now

My Top 10 of Now…

– Organising and clearing out my wardrobe. After a very productive Saturday morning I have a completely reorganised wardrobe. I’ve found clothing I forgot I owned and I’ve finally found my Coca Cola ‘Holidays are Coming’ t-shirt – it’s a month late, but at least I’ve rediscovered it before next Christmas! Also there are now two bin bags full or clothes and bags ready to go to the local charity shop. Next on my list of things to tackle is the shoes.

smiley happy things - top 10 of now - This and That Blog

– How cute is this little owl notecard? It’s the glasses that make it for me. I found it when I was back at my parent’s house over the weekend. I was half tempted to bring it back to London with me and frame it, but then I remembered that I shouldn’t be filling my house with extra things right now, what with the impending house move {fingers crossed}.

– Rachel’s Divine Rice Pudding. This stuff is delicious. Nothing like the lumpy rice pudding from my school days.

– I’ve been listening to the Original Soundtrack of Wicked almost continuously for the past few days. I absolutely love it. I went to see the musical in January with some friends and it’s reignited my obsession with it. The musical is definitely one of my favourites.

– Right now I can’t seem to be able to stop myself from looking at clothes online. There’s so many lovely spring colours out and about right now. It’s nice to dream about colours for even a little bit. So far I’ve restrained myself and not bought anything, but considering I’ve found so many lovely things – This flamingo jumper, this spot jumper, this skirt and this dress – I’m not sure how much longer I can keep myself under control!

– Finally deciding to give Amazon Prime a try. I’m still a huge Netflix fan, but the fact that I have been able to watch the third series of Ripper Street and also have the complete series of One Tree Hill at my fingertips is hugely exciting. The perfect escape on these dark and wintry nights.

smiley happy things - top 10 of now - This and That Blog

– I’ve discovered the Everyman Cinema in Walton on Thames and I am officially in love with it. Great decor, comfy chairs and delicious coffee. Next time I will be sampling their pizza. Some of the other cinema goers had then and they looked so good. Also they have a typewriter in their bar. Enough said.

– Whiplash. Has anyone else seen this film yet? I have and I was impressed. I didn’t really have any thoughts beforehand and I probably wouldn’t have watched it if other people didn’t suggest it. Maybe that’s one of the reason I liked it, because I didn’t have any preconceived ideas.

– I’ve finally started reading Wolf Hall. Yes, I’m completely behind the time here, I know. But better late than never! It’s quite a hefty book so I’m being quite slow with it. Plus with the historical content I’m finding that I have to be in the right frame of mind to read it.

– Finally I am completely in love with this t-shirt. It just warms my Potter obsessed bones. It was a Christmas present from Fi and wearing it makes me smile. It also makes me wonder what my patronus would be. Why isn’t there a buzzfeed quiz for that?

smiley happy things - top 10 of now - This and That Blog

Laura xxx



I need to get one of those Coca Cola t-shirts. I get ridiculously excited when that advert comes one.

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