The Book Corner: The Book Amnesty (that wasn’t)

At the start of the year I told myself that I was not allowed to buy any more books until we’ve moved house. For the simple reason that considering packing all of my current books gives me chills. To add any more books to the pile just seems absurd. I figured, how hard can it be? At the time I had no idea when the move would be happening (and still don’t) but I didn’t realise quite how hard I’d find this self-imposed book amnesty.

Not only had I spectacularly failed to notice the sheer number of amazing books that were coming out at the start of the year that I would need.{I say need because it really is one. There’s something about the way my brain is wired that means I have to get certain books as soon as they’re published}. I’d also not considered how long January is  and how much I love browsing a book shop. Do you know how hard it is to not buy books when in a bookshop? Almost impossible I tell you.

I did quite well for a while. In fact for the first three weeks I resisted all bookish temptation. And then I started noticing lovely books I needed. Like the new Jill Mansell book, Three Amazing things About You, and book two in the  Wells and Wong Mystery series by Robin Stephens, Arsenic for TeaThis series is amazing and is one that I would have loved as a nine-year old. You have to read it. It’s an Agatha Christie novel wrapped up in an Enid Blyton tale – pure bliss and the perfect Sunday read. And then there’s The Girl on a Train, Elizabeth is Missing and Deliciously Ella’s new cookbook.  Oh and Five Children on the Western Front. Seriously guys I need these books in my life. Amazingly I’ve been good and not bought any books, but as soon as the house move happens {touch wood} then all bets are most definitely off.

I have however bought some books – not physical books mind you – Kindle books are different right? I don’t have to move those so they definitely don’t need to be included in the book amnesty. Hooray for blurred lines! So what books have I bought on Kindle. Well my current read is one, Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm, which is brilliant. Then there’s two books from Harriet Evans, one of my favourite authors – A Place for Us and Not Without You. I love Harriet’s books and I can’t believe I’d forgotten to read her last book. What is wrong with me.

So whilst the book amnesty didn’t work as I still bought books, even if they’re not physical books. I did do better than I thought and definitely reduced my book consumption by a lot. Normally I’d say I buy around ten books a month, so definitely an improvement!


Oh and then February happened and I spied the new look Harry Potter gift edition of The Philosophers Stone and it was available for preorder… so that happened. {and I bought one for Lau too, because hello fellow Potterhead!}. So yes four books bought in one month and only one which needs to be packed? I’d call that a pretty good attempt.

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Tell me, what books have you bought so far this year. Anything I need to add to the post-amnesty book buying list?

– Fi x