Wishlists: All the Things

Does anyone ever get totally bored of their wardrobe or is it just me? I swear some days I go to choose something to wear and I realise that my wardrobe is empty. Like, there’s nothing that works together, nothing looks good and all my clothes are just blah! That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that these thoughts have appeared while I’m on a slight spending ban. With the moving house plans coming together I gave myself a bit of a talking to about saving money. Not to be good with savings or anything but more to allow myself to spend on the new house once I’ve moved – good planning right?! But of course since then I’ve seen so much lovely stuff in all the shops. It happens every time.


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One of my clothes mantras is ‘if all else fails, go with stripes’. So of course this top is crucial to all my wardrobe needs. One of my other mantras is ‘nothing beats polka dots’, so hello to this spotted top.

Isn’t this Kate Spade pendant just beautiful? A couple of outfits recently have called for a short pendant and I just don’t have any. Now I don’t know if these thoughts are a direct result of seeing this pendant or not (the answer is probably yes) but it definitely on the wish list at the moment.

Now it’s quite obvious that I don’t need another jumper. Firstly because I have at least 20 already, and secondly because my office is like a sauna and I can’t even wear the jumpers I do have! But it’s me and I love jumpers so I couldn’t create a wishlist without adding one. This pink waffle one is just perfect. The only slight issue is that I know that if I owned this I would certainly drop something down it as soon as I put it on. Actually the same goes for the cream hoodie, but it looks so warm and cosy that it has to be part of this wish list too.




My favourite pair of black heels have finally died – sad times. But yay for the fact that I can shop for some more. This pair from M&S look perfect, plus their shoes are always incredibly comfortable – perfect.

And finally on my list of wants is this floral skirt. Isn’t it dreamy? The colours are perfectly spring like and it would get worn numerous times at work.

What about you lovely people? Any payday dreaming happening. Do you have any favourite things in the shop that you’ve got your eye on?

Laura xxx