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I love brunch. In fact I wish I could have it every day and not just every now and again on a weekend. In case you’re not so enamored with this wondrous meal, let me share some of the reasons why brunch is a dream.

  1. You’re allowed to eat all the calories in one sitting as it’s two meals in one
  2. You’re allowed three drinks – orange juice, coffee and water – or four if you’re celebrating an occasion and fancy bubbles
  3. You can eat all of the sugar. And what’s better? No one looks at you oddly for eating American pancakes with maple syrup before midday
  4. You can take your time and natter over a leisurely meal without anyone rushing you out the restaurant. As that’s the point of the meal!

Thankfully some of my lovely friends agree on the awesomeness that is brunch and we’ve made it our mission to try some of the best brunch places in London over the coming months. We’re hoping to pay a visit to Duck and Waffle, The Ivy Grill and Balthazar, among others. But first up, way back in February, we ventured to The Delaunay in Aldwych for take one of the newly formed Brunch Club.

The verdict? Everything was delicious and it was the perfect spot to launch Brunch Club. We were in a booth on one side of the dining room so not surrounded by people, the atmosphere was buzzing but not overwhelming and the service was exceptional. I would definitely recommend a visit to one and all.

So what did we have I hear you cry? Well there were americanos, orange juice, a shared mixed pastry basket, which featured a praline and hazelnut praline, a pain au chocolate, an almond croissant and more, omelettes and a plate of pancakes with blueberries and creme fraiche. Just pure bliss. I swear my meal (the pancakes) were the best choice out of all of the things on offer. I initially thought the pancake toppings would be too much as it was swimming over the pancakes but in fact once you got into the dish the ratios were perfect. Even if I did have a sugar high for most of the rest of the day!

It looks like the next stop will be Balthazar’s in April and frankly I can’t wait! So, any brunch places I must try out with the fellow Brunch Clubbers? Details needed please! x


Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

And bloody marys! good brunch/hangover drink. I’m jealous of all your brunch spots in London, it hasn’t made it to the rest of england yet. Maybe I should open one!

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