Wishlist: Rooms I Want to Own

One of my favourite Pinterest boards is my Rooms I want to own board. I never tire of adding bits and pieces to this board, even though in reality I’ll never own any of those rooms. But I figure a girl can dream can’t she! Sometimes I’ll pin a picture because I love the whole room or it might just be for one element within in and I thought it was about time I shared some of my current favourite pins with you all, who knows it might spark something with you and you might be inspired, just like I am, by these beautiful rooms.

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I love the idea of a white canvas, particularly in the kitchen, which is already for splashes of colour in the form of important sayings, colourful bunting, pretty pictures and colourful accessories. I also adore the idea of mismatched chairs (both in terms of colour and style) with a white and wooden table. There’s something just so right about the scene created in this picture.

I’m a book person so you might be surprised to hear that this image was pinned not because of the glorious bookshelves, but instead for the combination of stripped floor boards, old trunk and beautiful cast iron fireplace. Just perfect. Especially with the addition of a beautiful wooden chair with plush cushions.

The third image is a living room that I can really imagine owning, alcoves filled with books (but not completely shelved), a snuggly wing-back chair and a gorgeous fireplace all finished with a gorgeous deep grey. I’ve also got an ornate mirror like this one, only on a smaller scale, which is just begging to be the focus of a room like this. One day maybe it’ll get it’s chance!

Rooms I Want to Own - Wishlists - This and That Blog

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I love the simplicity of this pale grey and white room, even though I know in reality I’d never achieve it as I am the queen of stuff and colours. But it’s still beautiful. As is that trunk at the end of the bed. Just glorious.

How wonderful would it be to sit in this snug and admire the sunset, take your time reading the paper or simply devour a plate of breakfast pancakes. Glorious right. What a dream to aim for.

Another ornate mirror, wing-back chair, fireplace and bookcase combination which I adore. Especially with the addition of the bright colours and painted grey floorboards. I can definitely imagine myself curled up on that chair reading a favourite novel, can’t you?

Isn’t Pinterest the best place to head to for beautiful and dream-worthy house inspiration?

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– Fi x