In the Kitchen: Chocolate Bark

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What to do with the Easter chocolate? Now there’s a question that I don’t often hear from anyone I know. At least not normally. This year however we may have overstocked on the mini eggs. This is partly to do with the addition of a pick and mix table and also partly due to Fi being completely obsessed with them. Either way we ended up having way too many in the house – and wanting to do something with them all.

Our first though was to make up a batch (or two) of our favourite mini egg blondies but then we thought no, let’s do something different. Cue a search on the web and Pinterest and the decision to make Easter bark. Would you not do the same if you’d discovered this marvellous recipe by What Jessica Baked Next. For our version we made a few amends and it was AMAZING!

Ingredients –

Dairy Milk – 4 medium sized bars
Mini eggs – 2 small bags, some crushed, some not
Crunchie – 2 bars
Milybar buttons – 1/3 of a share bag

Method –
Melt the chocolate. We used the microwave, stopping every 30 seconds to stir.
Pour the chocolate out onto parchment paper – use a shallow brownie pan, the sides will give it shape.
Sprinkle, throw or place the toppings across the chocolate. Push the toppings into the melted chocolate slightly so that the chocolate hardens around it.
Leave in the fridge overnight before eating it all in one sitting…!

– Lau xxx