Life Rambles: The Truth About Commuting

For the past few weeks I have been unexpectedly commuting from the Surrey countryside into Central London. It’s something I did for over two years when I was first out of university, so to be back doing this journey again has me reminiscing. It’s funny how much I had forgotten about commuting.

Charles Forerunner, Unsplash

Me Time. I get 50 minutes twice a day for uninterrupted me time. Yes I have to first zone out the crowded carriage around me, but once that’s done it’s all about me. I can read. I can sleep. Or catch up on tv that I’ve missed – seriously one episode of Scandal or Blue Bloods fits perfectly into my daily commute.

People Watching. My total guilty pleasure. Remarkably the time goes by very quickly on the train. I’m pretty sure the main reason for this is because I’m so busy watching all the other passengers.

The Scenery. Along with watching people on the train there’s also the opportunity to look out the window. Until you’re on a train you don’t realise what a great view of other people’s gardens you have. And being naturally nosy I am all over that!

Routines. Isn’t it funny how people stand at the same place on the platform, sit on the same seat and get grumpy if anyone gets in their way? Never mind how they react if the train stops for slightly too long at a station!

The Rudeness of Strangers. Purposely ignoring a pregnant lady and making her stand up. Not cool people. This is exactly why we have ‘baby of board’ badges, yet my fellow commuters seem to be happy to keep their eyes lowered and hide away, letting someone else be the considerate stranger.

I think that’s it. Have I missed anything do you think?

Laura xxx