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This month I’ve decided to take part in Belinda’s Blog Every Day in May prompt. I won’t be doing every day, after all I’ve already missed the first two days!, but I will be joining in when the prompt is particularly appealing. I like the idea of writing when I get inspired by one of the prompts and it’ll also be a great way of discovering new bloggers. Why not join in too? Today’s prompt is to share your travel bucket list, which I had to join in with as I’ve currently got a severe case of wanderlust.

Travel Bucket List - Out and About - This and That Blog

At the moment I’m trying to save money for the hopeful house move, so I haven’t allowed myself to book any trips apart from a trip to France for a wedding and to be honest it’s only made things worse. It’s like I want to go everywhere and am discovering all sorts of awesome places just because I’m not allowing myself to do something. Why is that always the way these things go? It’s getting to the point that I might just have to end my self-imposed holiday ban and book something to look forward to. Just something cheap mind you.
Anyway, enough waffling, today I want to talk about the one place I really really really want to head to right this minute: The USA. I’ve been a fair few times to various parts of the country – Florida, New York, Cape Cod, San Francisco, Phoenix and LA to name a few places, but I really want to go back and visit so much more…
Travel Bucket List - Out and About - This and That Blog
I want to…
  • take a trip across the country along Route 66, just stopping as and when I want to – be it for a yummy lunch or to see a specific view.
  • head south from Seattle and explore all the hidden gems down the coast
  • camp in Yosemite
  • head back to New York at Christmas and experience Central Park in the snow and in the sunshine, walk the Highwire and explore Brooklyn, see another show on Broadway and show my respect at Ground Zero.
  • experience Martha’s Vineyard in the sunshine
  • fly over the Grand Canyon
  • visit the Niagra Falls and be sprayed by the waterfall
  • experience July 4th over there again
  • travel down the Missisippi
  • visit Harry Potter Wizarding World
  • walk across the Golden Gate bridge and explore Alcatraz
  • visit Nashville and hear live music at one of the many bars
  • experience Mardi Gras
  • watch a baseball game
  • to just generally see and do everything!
One day I’ll make it. Maybe…  What about you, where do you want to go, what’s top of your bucket list?
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The USA is definitely on my list as well! I want to go there so badly and I really hope I’ll be able to do so one day. I hope you do, too. 🙂
Currently, what I’m raving about is visiting some place exotic, maybe something like China or India.
I think I’ll steal the idea and post a list of my own on my blog. 😀


Fi @ this and that blog

Do it definitely, it’s such a fun post and it doesn’t hurt to dream! I bet India and China would be amazing too. Ooh if only I could travel the world instead of working! x

Fi @ this and that blog

Isn’t there just, if only we had unlimited time and resources to see it all! One day we’ll see and do all the things I’m sure! Thanks for stopping by. x

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