The Book Corner: Recent Purchases

For the last couple of months I’ve been having such trouble getting into a book. Normally I can read two books a week easily, but since mid-March I’ve only read five books, I just don’t know what is wrong with me! You’d think that with my current reading issues I’d have stopped buying books. After all I can’t keep adding to the TBR pile if I’m not removing some from the pile by actually reading! But no, my brain is not working like that. The proof? The below piles of books, which are the books I’ve bought since moving home in the middle of march. So less than two months have passed and I’ve somehow got fifteen new books and one new recipe book (but that doesn’t count). What in the hell? How did that happen?

Recent Purchases - The Book Corner - This and That Blog

In my defence I’ve not bought all of them. I got given The Girl on the Train for my birthday and had A French Affair already, it was just in storage. As for The Bright Places, this is a proof copy given to me by a friend. So I’ve only bought nine books. That’s a little bit better, right?

The first three I bought were The Secret Garden, The Wrong Boy and Brideshead Revisited and that was purely because I needed them for the May edition of A Blogging Good Read over on Alex’s blog. So those three were found in Waterstones and charity shops and I’ve read them all – so not a waste of a purchase at all. If you’re interested in my thoughts on those three books, then head to A Blogging Good Read for a full update on my thoughts. (Spoiler: I adored one, loathed another and grew to love the third.)

As for the other books in the above pile? Well Elizabeth is Missing was spotted in a charity shop, so couldn’t be ignored, especially as I’ve heard such good things. The Perfect Match and A French Affair were picked up in a particularly bad reading moment as Jane Green and Katie Fforde are two authors whose books I can’t fail to get into immediately. The Seven Sisters and The Escape were on a supermarket deal, so who could say no? and The Little Prince is a book I’ve meant to read for years and years.

Recent Purchases - The Book Corner - This and That Blog

And what about this pile I hear you cry. Well last week I popped into Waterstones to spend a £10 birthday voucher on a notebook. Ten minutes later and I’d bought my notebook (the beautiful gold dotty one above) plus another notebook and four books. Oops. I maintain they’re all essential but really I don’t know how it happened. I think I’m just a sucker for a deal and couldn’t say not to books that I’ve been wanting for ages. I’ve only heard good things about Five Children on the Western Front and The Year of the Rat, although I feat that the first one is going to have me sobbing. As for Kolymsky Heights this was on recommendation from the Waterstones bookseller. Apparently it’s a brilliant read, and as a real fan of thrillers how could I ignore such advice?

So there we have it my TBR has now got 12 more books on it. Here’s hoping that I get back in the reading mood soon, hey? What have you been reading, anything that’s a must to be added to the pile?

– Fi x