Wishlists: Dreaming about a New House

I’m in serious nesting mode right now. Never mind that I’m still back at my parents’ house, have no wardrobe, chest of drawers or space to keep my stuff and no idea when this will change. Despite all of this I seem unable to stop myself from buying and wanting all the house things I see. It’s really quite insane. But really if you’d seen the two pug pictures below would you have been able to say no? I couldn’t. I blame the killer combo of pug, snort-laughing text and a matching pair. Basically impossible to say no, am I right?! I think this need to buy all the house things is because it’s the only part of this laborious situation that I can control. Everything else is totally out of my hands and not something I can speed up at all.

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Gemma Correll Prints from Ohh Deer

There are all sorts of awesome things on my I-need-to buy-right-now list and as you can see from the below there’s a bit of a theme: chevron, colours and patterns. Plus a bit of gold thrown in. If I ever do get to move into a new house it’s going to look pretty awesome, am I right?


wishlist - new house 1
These blue and white bowls would be perfect in a sparkly new kitchen for all sorts of things. Even when left on the side with leftovers in they’d look awesome wouldn’t they? If we’re lucky enough to get the place we want then this sofa filled with mint and pink cushions would look pretty cool against the wall in the kitchen. Just the ideal place to snuggle up reading on as dinner cooks. Oliver Bonas’ home stuff is always a winner and this chevron frame is no different. It would be ideal in the grey and turquoise themed bedroom I’m planning and for a bookaholic like me (see this book obsessed post for proof) book ends are always a good idea. And this pair are super cute!
wishlist - new home

Black and White Vase / Antelope Head / Chevron Throw / Chevron Baskets / Gold Vase / Butterfly Bedding

Something else that would go perfectly with the cushions on the potential sofa is this chevron throw. Isn’t it just stunning. I’m thinking that might be what my birthday vouchers are spent on. Whilst we’re on the subject of amazing throws and snuggling blankets, just look at this bedding. It’s so gorgeous. I definitely need it. I love the colours and that it looks like a normal circular pattern until you look closer and spot the butterflies.

I love the combo of black, white and gold and think these vases would look perfect arranged on a mantelpiece or windowsill. Perhaps not in the same room as the pink antelope head though. But isn’t that a thing of beauty? Finally these chevron baskets are just perfect for hiding all manner of bits and bobs in, I’m thinking in particular in the bathroom where you don’t want everything on show but need somewhere to keep all the extra bottles of shampoo or rolls of loo roll!

So there we have it, a whole host of things that I am currently stopping myself from buying. To be honest though as soon as we’re lucky enough to complete on a house (fingers and toes crossed) I’m not sure my willpower will hold out much longer! But the real question is, what will be the first of what’s certain to be LOTS of purchases?

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