In the Kitchen: Two Ingredient Pancakes

Two Ingredient Pancakes - In the Kitchen - This and That Blog

I know exactly what you’re thinking and it’s bound to be a variation of the following:

  • Two ingredient banana pancakes, what is this witchcraft?
  • Is that a real, actual thing?
  • What, how have I not heard of this miracle recipe?
  • Are you kidding, this can’t be a serious recipe post?

How do I know this? Well it’s how everyone else has responded when I’ve mentioned this recipe to them. Clearly a recipe that sounds so delicious and also so easy, whilst at the same time being gluten, sugar and dairy free, sounds like it’s made up. But don’t panic it’s not. This is a 100% verified and delicious recipe that you will now be making every weekend without fail. I promise!

So on to the recipe of joy. Although to call it a recipe is a stretch if I’m honest. As it’s not like you need to focus or concentrate on these very simple steps. But you know I’m a fan of using many words when you really only need to use two. So back to my point! All you need are two unsuspecting ingredients. A banana and two medium eggs. That’s it.

Once you’ve rustled up these hard to find ingredients simply blitz them in the food processor, with a stick blender (my preferred method) or simply with a fork. {side not: a fork will give the pancakes a more lumpy  textured mixture, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you’re trying to hide the banana content from a fussy person! Yes Lau I do mean you.} Heat up your baking stone or frying pan and brush with some oil. Once it’s really hot simply pour circles of mixture on the heated surface. After a couple of minutes, once bubbles have started to form – and the mixture doesn’t run away when you try to lift it – simply flip over the pancakes with your palette knife and cook for another minute or so.

Once they look good enough to eat pile them on a plate with your topping of choice, always raspberries and nutella for me (duh), and eat. Don’t forget to marvel at the ease of the recipe as you’re eating!

So there we go, awesome right? And you’re so wanting to go and check your cupboard for the ingredients aren’t you! Well go, go, go! Get on with making these scrumptious things asap. Oh and make sure you tell me your chosen topping – I’m always open for more ideas. Although it’ll have to be something good to make me ignore the raspberry/chocolate concoction!

– Fi xxx