Life Rambles: Snapshots of Early Summer

Greetings lovely people,  I hope you’re all having a brilliant Sunday! I’ve had a pretty awesome weekend with some of my best friends, but it’s been exhausting let me tell you! So I’m very much looking forward to a Game of Thrones catch up and a night of football viewing this evening. A quiet evening in is just what I need before a super busy week of work. What about you, what are you up to this Sunday evening? Before we get into another week I thought I’d take a leaf out of Lau’s book and look back at some of my recent Instagram action, who doesn’t love a little recap using those square-shaped snapshots?

Snapshots - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

a little lunchtime reading in the park / pecan and maple pastry and cronut – yum! / some brilliant commuter reading

new clothes thanks to Oliver Bonas / Saturday cuddles / summer is here!

choosing the right path on a morning run / Cows chilling on the common / rush hour in the countryside

From these pictures you can see that Summer has well and truly arrived in my neck of the woods and it’s great, well unless I’m in our sweltering office staring longingly out of the window that is! But seriously the warmer weather has meant more opportunities to read outside at lunchtime, running in the woods and pleasant walks home. Not to mention lots of time for explorations in Surrey, where I met these cute cows just chilling out!

Despite my attempts to be fitter and healthier (if you missed it find out more over here) there have been treat days and sometimes decisions are hard to make, so you have to eat half of each pastry! Doh! Maple and pecan appears to be my current favourite flavour combination. Talking of treats I treated myself to two lovely new dresses recently in the OB sale and I have zero regrets whatsoever – they’re so pretty so why would I?

Have you read any of the Wells and Wong Mystery books yet? There are currently two and they’re like a big warm hug and instantly take me back to my Enid Blyton reading days. Just what you need on your commute home in a packed train carriage. You really must read them asap!

Yesterday was spent with some of my favourites; drinking Pimms, nattering away and enjoying cuddles with this little cutie at the farm. After umpteen pushes on the swings I had built up enough trust to get a cuddle and it was just lovely. I really wish I could have Saturday cuddles with this one every week!

So there we have it, some of my favourite Instagram snaps over the last few weeks, what are yours? If they involve food, books or countryside fun let me know as I like the sound of your feed! Oh and if that sounds like fun then do give me a follow at fievans on Instagram. It’d be lovely to see you! x