The Clothes Rail: Sales Picks

After deciding to give myself a bit of a shopping ban it is absolutely typical that the sales have started. This week I have had emails into my inbox from numerous places announcing sales and it’s so hard to resist. Typical, I tell you!! To try and stop my itchy fingers I have created this post. Hopefully collating everything together will stop me from actually buying everything. Will it work? Who knows. We will soon see!


Sale Picks: The Tops


Horse Shirt / White Blouse / Jacket

Green Flower Blouse / Pheasant Top / Striped Jumper


Sales Picks


Striped Dress / Necklace / Blue Dress / Flowered Skirt

I’m thinking that I may have to allow myself just one purchase from this blog post. Surely that would stop me from buying the whole lot? The only problem now is to work out which one thing to purchase. Right now I’m leaning towards the horse print shirt. But that could change anytime. I’ll keep you posted!

Laura x