Getting Crafty: Born Under a Star Blanket

I haven’t done much knitting for awhile. Mainly because all of my needles, wool and patterns are still in storage, but also because I haven’t had a reason to knit. And for me that’s what I need. A new baby is the perfect excuse to get out the knitting needles. That’s my opinion anyway! A new baby is the perfect opportunity to make my favourite knitted blanket – The Born Under a Star Blanket from the book Purls of Wisdom by Jenny Lord. As soon as I had a date in the diary to visit Little Miss Arizona it was all knit, knit, knit to get the blanket made in time. Without further ado here it is.

Blanket - Getting Crafty - This and That Blog

I love the pattern of this blanket, it has a really simple knit border around a spider web style pattern in the middle. Thinking about it is the hole-iness okay for babies? Have I made a total faux pas here? I hope not as this is definitely my go to knitted gift for a newborn. Unless they live in the Australian or American desert, because then there’s really no need for knitted blankets!

Laura x