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London is full of weird and wonderful cafes and restaurants. From the cereal cafe where you sit on beds, to the owl cafe, with actual real live owls. While I haven’t visited any of the really extreme places like these I did visit Draughts recently.

Draughts - Out and About - This and That Blog

What is Draughts I hear you asking?  Well it’s a board game cafe in Haggerston. Yes, you read that right, an actually cafe where you go to play board games, with a bar, delicious food and shelves full of board games. Apparently they have over 500 games to choose from. All the obvious classics of course and also plenty of games that I haven’t even heard of. It’s the perfect place to while away hours at a time.

Draughts - Out and About - This and That Blog

Who even knew that such a place existed? If you’re in East London and you have a few spare hours then I can certainly recommend you visit Draughts and get gaming.

Laura x

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