In The Kitchen: Mozzarella & Serrano Quick Bread

Hello and welcome to week three of the Bake Off Blog Along. Yes, we are still going even after the debacle of last week’s biscuit box disaster! I’ve chalked that up to bad planning and I’m hoping that things will not get that bad again. I will learn from my mistakes, I will, I will!

I was really excited for week three of the bake off as it was bread week. And I love making bread. I honestly think bread dough is my most favourite thing to bake, but after watching the latest episode I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit (or dough) to get started. I thought the recipes this week were a bit uninspiring.

Let me explain, first up is quick bread, bread that needs no proving and hardly any kneading, which is disappointing as kneading is my favourite part of the bread making process. The technical challenge was baguettes. Four of them. Well there’s no way that we need four baguettes in my house, so that’s out. Now we go onto the final task on the show, a bread sculpture. Thinking back to last week’s biscuit box it’s clear that there’s no way I should be attempting a bread sculpture! So I went, quite reluctantly, with a quick bread, it was almost the only choice I could make.

I used this recipe from The Telegraph and added a couple of ingredients for flavour. I’m not going to include the full recipe as that can be found with one click of a button, but I will tell you that I added the torn up mozzarella and Serrano ham just before adding the buttermilk.

Quick Bread - In the Kitchen - This and That Blog

So there you have it, my Serrano Ham and Mozzarella Quick Bread. Despite my earlier thoughts, I did like how easy it was to make this bread, I knocked it up for breakfast on Saturday after I’d been on a run. And there’s no way I’d have previously made bread for breakfast post run, as it takes so much time and I get too hungry to wait. The flavour of this bread is also pretty great, the warm dough, milky cheese and salty ham is delicious. I’m probably still going to stick to other bread recipes over this in the future, but it is good to have a quick recipe up my sleeve. I guess.

Is anyone else taking part in this blog along? If so share your links below, I want some more recipes please. Also if you need a reminder of earlier week’s bakes then take a peak at Week 1 – Madeira Cake and Week 2 – Biscuits.

-Laura x