Out & About: A Day in Wales


Walking the Wales Coastal Path, along the Monknash Coast

When I was younger I used to go to Wales at least once a year. We’d go for a week every August and stay with family friends and there would be lots of beach trips and picnics and generally catching up and whiling away the hours like only children on summer holidays can do! But then summer holidays became a thing of the past (man, oh man I hate being a grown up) and I didn’t get to go to Wales nearly enough. Fast forward 10 years and suddenly my Mum was planning a flying visit of just 24 hours to surprise one of my favourite people, and I just knew I needed to join her.

So I did, and a lovely day was had.

This little guy knows exactly where he’s going!

Nash Point Lighthouse

Blue skies

While there we decided to make the most of the glorious sunshine and go for a walk. We wandered 3 miles, from Nash Point Lighthouse along the coast to St Donat’s Castle and back again. It’s a fantastic stretch of coast, take a look at the pictures scattered through this post if you don’t believe me. There’s unobstructed views of the sea (obviously), corn fields, wooded areas and lots of stone walls to climb over. I would highly recommend it.

Cliffs at St Donat’s Castle

Nearly home

As we were driving around the winding Welsh road roads, past fields of sheep and country pubs my mind was inundated with memories from childhood, I was automatically chilled out and calm. What’s weird is that I couldn’t have described these routes or views to you, until I was there and driving them and suddenly I knew exactly where I was. Isn’t it wonderful when you revisit long forgotten places and are immediately swallowed up by a sense of tranquillity? It’s quite miraculous. It was exactly what I needed. The perfect cure to moving house and a long work week!

I think we wore him out!

– Laura xx