Getting Crafty: Planning the Garden

So we have a garden, hooray! And whilst it’s currently a bit of a state we do have lots of brilliant plans for what to put in there, we want somewhere that feels like an extra room and that we’ll use on a regular basis. Realistically a lot of this planning won’t happen for a while, what’s the point when we’re going into autumn and winter, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about what I want to do. So here’s some of my initial thoughts…

Planning the Garden - The Home Front - This and That Blog

Glow in the Dark Planters / Pink Garden ChandelierHexagonal Planter / Comfy Sofa / Bright Flowers in Concrete Pots / Pallet Herb Garden / Fairy Lights Everywhere / Wall Planters /  Raised Garden Beds / Coloured Table and Chairs

I love the idea of an old chandelier in the garden and this version as a plant pot is genius. Although I also like the idea of replacing normal bulbs with solar-powered ones. Talking of lights check out these glow in the dark planters – genius! Also I love the idea of brilliantly patterned planters so that way when the garden is a state or everything’s dead there’s still lots of colour! I really do like the idea of making my own too – it sounds quite fun. Plus that way I can add the colour combos and patterns that I most like. Although hexagons as a pattern looks quite cool!

Another thing I really want is a raised flower bed, doesn’t the one above look really cool? It’d be a nice way of separating the flower bed from the lawn too.

It’s a blogger cliché I know, but I want to make something out of a pallet, preferably a herb garden. I have visions of myself cooking with said herbs all the time so having them in a handy herb garden would be awesome. And the addition of chalk labels seems totally logical!

I know I want lots of bright colours in our garden, whether that’s from a pink spray painted chandelier, concrete painted flooring or amazing amounts of bright coloured flowers. The more colour the better if you ask me! That’s also why spray painting our current very weathered cream set is a must I think, but what colour to choose?

In order to spend as much time as possible out in the garden I’ll need a comfy spot to read a good book or relax with a glass of Pimms. For this I need lots of weatherproof cushions and a bench type seat.Oh and fairy lights. Fairy lights are a must in every room of my house and that includes the outside space, just think how brilliant the little seat area would look then? I love the set up of those in the pictures here – doesn’t it look so restful? If you ask me no amount of fairy lights is too many!

So now I just need to make it a reality. That’ll be easy, right?

– Fi x