In the Kitchen: The Bake Off Bake Along – A Sugar-Free Cake

For me cinnamon flavoured food just screams autumn days full of long walks through the woods, a countryside filled with green and brown hues, and the comfort of woolly jumpers, boots and scarves. Oh and mittens. Gosh I love autumn, how can you not? As Autumn has most certainly arrived I wanted to properly embrace my favourite season when it came to this week’s Bake Off Bake Along recipe, so something cinnamon flavoured it was! As cake is always my bake of choice, unless biscuits or brownies are on offer(!), I knew I’d be making the sugar-free cake option rather than the pitta breads or arctic roll.

So at least that part was easy, but actually choosing something to cook was a bit tricky. Every recipe seemed to use weird sugar substitutions that just sounded wrong or unhealthy. I wanted to make something that I knew was good for me and not full of crap things, so when I found this recipe for a sugar-free banana cake I was super pleased. After all a fruit based cake is only going to be full of the good kind of sugar, be delicious, and at the same time perfectly moist. In other words, just what I was after.

Sugar-Free Cake - In the Kitchen - This and That Blog

The recipe I found had to be slightly adapted as most of my family hate sultanas, what can I say – they’re insane, so pecans it was instead. Can you think of a better flavour combination than cinnamon, banana and pecans? Nope me either!

Once we’d decided on all the flavours the recipe was super simple. Combine the wet ingredients in one bowl and the dry ones in another. Then combine them, mix and pop in your loaf tin. It really couldn’t be simpler! But the real test with all recipes is the taste of your creation and this cake did not disappoint. IT was softy and yummy – I think the sultanas would make it better but majority rules I suppose!

So tell me, what would you make if you had to make a sugar-free cake? I definitely need more ideas judging by how long it took for me to find a decent recipe this time around!

– Fi xx