Life Rambles: Friday’s Five Favourites

As a little Friday fun I thought I’d share five of my current favourite things, as the weekend is about to arrive it seems sensible to share happy things – anything to get us through the day!

First up we have Nashville, and the music of this brilliant show. I have been playing the season 3 album all the time recently and I’m loving it! Have a Little Faith in Me, a duet we’ve yet to see in the show from Daphne and Luke is one of my favourites along with Scarlet’s brilliant, My Song. If you’ve not discovered this show you need to asap and your life will be a happier place when you can sing along to all the songs!

Now coming up is a sentence I never thought I’d write – I am loving the 30 Day Shred right now! Now I know, I’m only four days in but so far it’s painful but in a good way and I already feel more energised and able to remember what a difference it makes to feel healthier and fitter. Let’s hope this positivity carries me through the next 26 days!

I’ve got serious book love right now for Faro’s Daughter by Georgette Heyer, am so close to finishing the book that I didn’t want to get off the tube today. It’s just such a good fun read and has reminded me that I really do need to read more of her books, the two I’ve read so far are not enough for something that I enjoy so much!

Friday's Five Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Next up won’t be any surprise to anyone – it’s my holiday countdown! There’s only two weeks until I’m jetting off to Portugal and it cannot come soon enough. This last few weeks have been busy and stressful and the lack of a full week off for the entirety of 2015 is really getting to me now. I am in dire need of holiday time.

Related to holiday countdown is number five on the favourites list: holiday shopping! I’ve been quite restrained and so far I’ve only bought one thing – new sunglasses. I’m weirdly excited by this, considering they are just glasses, but I can’t help it. They’re just so pretty!

So there we have it a few favourites for a Friday morning, what a nice way to start the weekend. Have a lovely one whatever you’re up too!

– Fi x