Thought of the Day #34: Just Breathe

Just Breathe - Thought of the Day - This and That Blog

‘Just Breathe’ – simple words but hard to do sometimes. This week I’m on holiday, it’s the first proper break I’ve had since April, which seems crazy. But life has been manic and there’s been so many things to get done that the timing for a holiday hasn’t seemed right. In fact it still doesn’t seem right, if I hadn’t booked this trip months ago I probably wouldn’t have stopped yet, so thank goodness some common sense prevailed and I am now taking a break.

Sometimes to take a break and to just breathe is exactly what’s needed, to not think of the million and one other things that need doing, and to instead pause and do nothing. I always feel guilty doing that and I can bet I’m not the only one, but a deep breath to re-balance ones self is needed now and again so I really must take the time to do just that.

Laura x