Clothes Rail: Laura’s Autumn Favourites

Greetings chums, how are we all this bright and merry morning? Me? I’m enjoying the last couple of days of my holibobs, it’s blissful. Why do holidays have to end? That’s my main train of thought at the moment. Today’s post is a wishlist, of some of my Autumn favourites. It seems right, at the beginning of a new season (yay to Autumn!), to think about refreshing the wardrobe, breaking out the tights and boots and layering up.

What’s funny about this to me is that I currently have no wardrobe, so really I should not be looking at, or buying, new clothes. Yes that’s right I’ve been in my new house for 2 months and I still haven’t made any progress on my bedroom. I’ve got a temporary (wobbly) clothes rail and boxes and suitcases full of clothes. I really must make a decision soon. But until that happens I’ll just make the best of it. I’ve got a date in my diary on my next free weekend to switch out the summer clothes for autumnal jumpers and dresses, and I’m quite excited for it – it’s still two weekends away due to an awfully busy calendar, but it will be done, oh what a fun life I lead!

Autumn Wishlist 2015

If I do end up going shopping over the next couple of months then top of the list are a new pair of wellington boots and a mac. These are crucial pieces for Autumn, my current welly boots have a hole in them, which is fine when you’re rambling through a cold common on a spring day, but not so good when it comes to puddle jumping in the Autumn. Alongside wellies a mac is a necessity in the wet London weather. My current commute includes two separate walking moments so a decent waterproof coat is essential. I’ve always wanted a mac but have never been able to find one that I like. This one fits the bill perfectly as it’s a decent length and isn’t over-the-top expensive.
As for the other items on my list, I’m always on the look out for a decent bag. And would love a gorgeous coloured one to compliment my favourite autumnal colours of black, navy, grey and mustard. The T-bar brogues just make me smile, is there a better reason to buy shoes than that? I think not.
Fat Face have some lovely things at the moment, along with the shoes both the jacket and jumper are from there. I find I always seem to head there for comforting warm clothes. I like the idea of the layered look without all the actual layers as my office is always too warm. So this pink knitted jumper would be a great way of getting that casual Friday layered look without boiling alive in the process!
I know I’e said no wardrobe means I can’t buy more clothes but if they don’t go in the wardrobe that’s okay, right? Surely I can totally convince myself and all other involved parties that new jackets and accessories are allowed? The same goes for the jumpers, right? Especially as jumpers are my big weakness.
What are your current Autumn favourites? Any key must-haves that I need to hear about? Let me know.
Laura xx